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    Technical know how

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    Academic excellence

Looking for expertise in spatial analysis?

We provide flexible expert statistical and geo-spatial guidance for scientific teams and governmental agencies.

Consulting services
Consulting services

We have developed analytic processes and brought reliable and understandable evaluations on issues ranging from controlling deadly diseases to primary care access. Working for major actors such as the City of Philadelphia, PA, United States, or the Regional Ministry of Health in Areaquipa, Peru SpatialControl has produced a variety of deliverables, from reports to interactive websites.

Academic research
Academic research

Our team leader is currently a research faculty at the Institut National de la Recherche Agronomique (INRA), in France. Prior to this position he was a researcher for four years at the Perelman school of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania. This prior work has led to over 10 academic papers in leading statistical and medical journals, gathering over 150 citations by academic pears.

Technical expertise
Technical expertise

The ability to implement multiple analytic techniques using several programming languages allows SpatialControl to imagine deliverables tailored for your needs. With over 10 years of experience in scientific calculus and expertise we insure optimal reliability, flexibility, reproducibility and development speed for our projects.

Delivery of the review report on Access to Care in Philadelphia

This significant expertise on the access to primary care in the Philadelphia, PA involved several of our key know-how:

  • Data Management with merging of practitioners and population information from over 10 data sources
  • Spatial analysis based on driving distances
  • Cartography with the constitution of interactive Google maps involving spatial statistics under the hood
  • Web development to interface the whole

It is reaching an end with the recent delivery of the review report.

Our next steps are to:

  1. Make available online the interactive map engine, without proprietary data 🙂
  2. Publish in medical journals the key findings of the study (yes, access to care has social determinants…)

We will keep you posted.